Face Consultant George Garber has three books in print and a fourth on the way:
  • Design and Construction of Concrete Floors, published by Elsevier Press and now in its second edition.
  • Backroad Bicycling in Kentucky's Bluegrass, published by Countryman Press.
  • Concrete Flatwork for Homeowners and Contractors, published by Schiffer.
  • Paving with Pervious Concrete, to be published by Schiffer in 2010.

Design and Construction of Concrete Floors is a reference text for architects, engineers, specification writers, and builders. International in scope, it leans heavily on both American and British standards, with measurements expressed both in SI and in US Customary units.

Backroad Bicycling in Kentucky's Bluegrass describes 25 bike rides through the countryside of central Kentucky. Trip lengths range from five miles on a level bike path to a hilly century ride (100 miles) on the TransAmerica Trail.

Concrete Flatwork for Homeowners and Contractors offers practical advice on the construction of concrete pavements around the house. It covers sidewalks, driveways, courts for basketball and other sports, and floor slabs.

Paving with Pervious Concrete will be a complete guide to the design and construction of pavements made of porous concrete. This material, made with little or no sand, reduces stormwater runoff, prevents ponding, and can improve water quality. It should be available by the end of December 2010.

All Garber's books are available through the regular book trade. Order them at your local bookstore, or from any of the big internet booksellers.

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