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Reimbursable expenses

Receipted expenses

We seek reimbursement for these receipted expenses:
  • Travel fares in coach or economy class
  • Car rental
  • Gasoline for rented cars
  • Tolls
  • Parking
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Meals while travelling
  • Printing and copying charges
  • Overnight mail (but not regular first-class mail)
We add 1.5% to receipted expenses.

Clients are welcome to pay for expenses directly, eliminating the 1.5% charge.

Car travel

When we use a personal car or a car owned by the firm, we charge for mileage at the current IRS-approved rate. When using the mileage rate, we do not charge for gasoline, but we do charge for tolls and parking, if any. The 1.5% mark-up does not apply to car mileage.

Per diem allowance

At our option, we may charge a per-diem allowance for meals and incidentals instead of submitting receipts. The charge will not exceed the US government's allowance for the locality we are working in. The 1.5% mark-up does not apply to per diem allowances.

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